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This beautiful beach town is the quiet version of Sihanoukville, a nice place to relax near the ocean without the party atmosphere that is Sihanoukville. This city is famous for it’s pepper crab and empty beaches. There’s not a lot to do here, so it also makes for a good day trip.

Sihanoukville town is Cambodia’s youngest city. It sprang to life in 1955 when a construction team arrived at what was then known as Kompong Som to begin work on Cambodia’s first (and only) deep water port. When the port was finished in 1960 the area was renamed Sihanoukville (in honour of then King Sihanouk) but many Cambodians continue to refer to it as Kompong Som.

But, to be honest, most people are no longer coming for Sihanoukville town itself, but rather its islands offshore. Yes, you can relax on the mainland beaches, but you’ll be selling yourself short if you don’t visit at least one of the islands.